Here we will list some popular questions about our childminding. If any others are regularly asked, we will add them to the list!

If you have other questions give us a call or fill out our simple e-mail form!

How Does My Child Settle In?

Moving to a new childminder can be an unsettling time for your child and an emotional time for you. It is essential that we work together to get it right.

We like parents to come with their child for at least a couple of informal visits for all of you to get to know us, our family and our home.

This also enables us to collect vital information relating to your child and how you wish us to care for them. There can then be settling in period of 2-3 weeks before the contract comes into operation to make sure the arrangements work out.

During this time we will endeavour to support and reassure your child at every opportunity, comforting if and when necessary.

It is a good idea to bring something from home to comfort your child when you are not there - e.g. a blanket or a toy. You may wish to provide family photos or albums for us to look at and discuss whilst you are working - these could include you at work.

It is also wise to make actual good-byes as quick and up-beat as possible to avoid unnecessary distress to you and your child.

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Do We Provide Food?

We are willing to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is included in the price.

We will endeavour to provide healthy, balanced meals from fresh ingredients where possible. Water and fruit will be available to the children at any time.

Other snacks and drinks will be provided on a regular basis. We will ask you as parents what snacks and treats are appropriate for your children.

Parents will need to provide baby milk and meals for babies under 12 months.

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What If We Are Ill? What If Your Child Is Ill?

If we are ill and unable to work we will inform you as soon as possible so you can make alternative arrangements. Where possible we will liaise with other childminders in the area to make this easier, if you would like that.

If your child is ill, please call us and let us know. If they are under the weather, we are flexible and we can discuss risks to other children. If they are infectious we may not be able to look after them until they have recovered, depending on the children in our care on that day.

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How Do We Respond to Challenging Behaviours?

We will not use physical punishment in any form.

We will discuss with you before the contract starts how you approach discipline with your child, how they respond best and agree with you what is suitable.

On the whole, we will lead by example and use praise and positive reinforcement for desirable behaviours. We will treat children with respect and value and we have clear boundaries. We will explain why certain behaviours are not acceptable and discourage children from them.

We will not allow any child in our care to come to harm, intimidate or persecute any other child in our care.

We understand that it is important to acknowledge children's feelings and make allowances for age, development and changes in personal circumstances.

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What Happens in an Emergency?

We will always try to contact parents, carers or emergency contacts provided, to inform you of an emergency. If we cannot reach any of these people, we may need to arrange for another responsible adult to care for the children. In this instance we would hope to arrange for another registered childminder to be this adult.

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