How Much Do We Charge?

  • We currently charge 4.00 p/hour (contracted hours)
  • We will discuss with you any possible major outings with larger entrance fees
  • We will not charge for any holiday time we take
  • We will charge full rate for any holidays you take
  • We will charge full rate if your child is ill
  • We will not charge you anything if we are ill (see FAQ for more info)
  • We are flexible with payments being weekly or monthly

What Do You Need to Provide?

  • Any nappies, creams or lotions that will be needed on a regular basis
  • Milk, Bottles and food for babies under 12 months
  • Spare clothing and relevant outdoor wear including sun lotion and sunhats. Coats, waterproofs and wellies will need to be brought in where appropriate

If you would like more information give us a call or fill out our simple e-mail form!

What Happens If You Change Your Mind?

If you change your mind within the 2-3 week settling-in time, there will be no notice period.

If you change your mind subsequently or no longer require a childminder, there will be a contractual 4-week notice period.

If our circumstances were to change and we could no longer care for your child, we will ensure you have alternative childcare whenever possible before giving notice.

How Will This Be Agreed?

We will agree upon and sign a legally-binding contract. We will each have copies of this contract and can review and change it at any time. We will use the NCMA contracts.

Ofsted Registration: EY364071 (Terri), EY387522 (Andy) | Public Liability Insurance Held | Paediatric First Aid passed 26/04/08 (Terri), 12/10/08 (Andy) | ICP: June 2008 (Both) | NNEB: 1999 (Terri)
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